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Reasons for applying for PR.

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1. An applicant’s qualifications
1.2 has personal qualifications that fit one of the following categories:(1) Investment category(2) Working/Business category(3) Humanity Reasons category: he/she must have relationship with a Thai citizen or an alien who already possessed residence permit asthe followings:1)  A legal husband or wife.  2)  A legal father or mother.  3)  A child who is under 20 years of age up to the application submission date and must be single.

I am looking at Section 1. Subsection 1.2 category(3): Humanity reasons...
I read this as meaning that if one has a legal Thai wife, that can be a reason for applying for PR?
If that is true then presumably all the references and proofs about working/place of work etc do NOT apply and are not required, as one is NOT applying under category(2) Working/Business? - Or have I understood this wrongly?

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On 11/29/2020 at 12:29 PM, jackdd said:

Afaik this category exists just on paper, you are not able to actually apply under it.

How about 1) Investment Category?


Does anybody know of a case where somebody has successfully obtained PR via the Investment route & if so, did it require 3 years tax receipts or was 10 Million THB (think it used to be 3 Million THB) invested enough? 


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8 minutes ago, Robbkk said:

My understanding was that being married to a Thai only lowered the financial requirements. Isn't it possible to get a PR just based on income?

PR is issued by categories. For example working for a company, marriage to a Thai, experts and investment. All require a minimum salary. See the info I posted a download for in my last post,

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4 hours ago, ubonjoe said:

it is shown on here on the most recent list of requirements.Permanent Residency Requirements June 2019.pdf


Thanks Joe, the document seems to confirm that you do have to have worked in Thailand even if you're applying on the grounds of investment of 10 Million THB... 


From Page 7 "Documents Required When Applying for a Residence Permit in the Category of Investment"




I can't help think that these have been copied/pasted from the Application based on Employment & make no sense if they're trying to encourage investment from outside of Thailand, but that's what the document states. 


FWIW, the Application on the grounds of being married to a Thai has similar requirements... 



So I guess we can sum it up as, it you want PR in Thailand you'll need to work here... 






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I read about the benefits but still do not understand the benefits when obtaining the WP when have the PR.

I found that it is easier to obtain a WP but it is nowhere written about some more specific points.


Anyone has some experience regarding this particular point?

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