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Tesla feedback ? Anybody owns one ? What about batteries and heat ?

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Do you own a Tesla or have you checked if they are reliable in Thailand ?

I am interested but hard to find any feedback / reviews.

My main concern is batteries and heat, wondering if the car will die faster ?

Any idea welcome !

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2 hours ago, l4ml4m said:

By the way, anything similar and cheaper ? I guess that the fully electric Benz and BMW are not yet available here ?


The Mini Cooper EV

Nissan Leaf and Nissan Kicks (I know, not similar, but defiantly cheaper)


Also an increasing number of ‘plug in hybrids’ - MG, Volvo, Merc and BMW.


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Main issue with Tesla in Thailand is that there is no official showroom or maintenance support. If there is an issue, and if you want to claim it under warranty, you literally need to ship your car to Hong Kong.


Of course there are non official workshops but it’s not the same.

I am hoping that the factory in China will start sending them and also offer some kind of local support. Apparently there were talks of Tesla looking to build factory in S.E.A and Thailand was a possibility. Not sure if this was true.

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4 hours ago, richard_smith237 said:

Tesla Model X price in USA starts at $80,000 (±2.5 Million Baht) / Price in Thailand starts at 5.8 Million Baht (±$200,000)

The cheapest secondhand one model 3 is 3,000,000.

2020  model 3,  S,  Sport, long range whatever nearly 10,000,000.

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On 11/30/2020 at 11:34 AM, canthai55 said:

Feedback  ...

A door handle for a Tesla, a known area of failure - is over $200 USD

For a hunk of plastic made - most likely - in China

Tesla forbids owners or anyone except a Tesla shop from performing repairs.

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1 hour ago, mortenaa said:

Thanks but not interested anyone here who has one is very rich or a rather silly person to invest in one. 

I've never paid more than 850,000 in Thailand for a motor and I consider that extortion.

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