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Extension of stay after work ends (more than the one week 1900b option)

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Are there any options for people who finish their work contract and want to stay a little while?  My school term is ending and I would like to give them 30 days notice (they'll have 40 days to replace me or figure out the schedule before the new term begins). They already know my situation.


 I am waiting to get my spousal visa in another country on this side of the world to join my wife in her country.


After finishing an employment contract, I know usually you have 24 hours or a week if you extend to leave the country, but that's not really a practical option now.


I saw recently that "stranded tourists" may have this option for 60 days, but what about someone finishing work?


I could continue to stay with my job as the contract ends in March, but I have no plans to sign a new one and it would put teachers and students in a weird spot as the term ends in May because I would be teaching half a term.  I would rather resign and make it a clean break and wait for my spousal visa to process (suppose to take 1-4 months and it's already been 1 month) than go through all the work of starting a new term for only 2 months only not to re-sign a new contract.


Has anyone finished a contract and been able to get some kind of extension to stay without leaving Thailand?  


I don't want to have to leave and do quarantine to visit somewhere like Cambodia then have to do it all again to re-enter...........


Thanks in advance for any advice or sharing your experience



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Technically your extension ends on the day you stop working. But you have to personally cancel it at immigration and have until midnight on the day it is canceled to leave or apply for an extension (there is no 24 hours or a week to leave). You can apply for an extension, pay 1900 baht and be granted 7 days to leave the country.

You can apply for a 60 day covid 19 extension at immigration until January 29th at this time. The needs to be done on the day you cancel your extension of stay.


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4 hours ago, ubonjoe said:
4 hours ago, ubonjoe said:
4 hours ago, ubonjoe said:

You can apply for a 60 day covid 19 extension at immigration until January 29th at this time




I think this is what I saw in an article on here yesterday........thanks, a lot!  For some reason I thought maybe it only applied to tourists here.  Looks like if I give my notice soon another month will go by putting me at 2 months into the waiting process for spousal visa then with 60 day extension that will be 4 months in the process......cutting it close!  CHEERS!

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