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Trump questions whether Supreme Court would hear election challenge as options dwindle

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trump's 'big lie' continues claiming the Dems stole the election, whereas it is he who is attempting to steal the election.  

Time to hang up the gloves Donald. You're a one term loser and the more you open your mouth, the stupider you make yourself look! You're a disgrace!

What’s incredible is that there are people out there who actually believe Trump’s lies. 

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1 hour ago, placeholder said:

I'm beginning to suspect that President Trump is part of the Deep State and is actively working to undermine the reelection of President Trump.


1 hour ago, placeholder said:

I'm confident that this is just a ploy of President Trump's to catch the libs off guard and stage an end run around them on his way to the Supreme Court and his reelection.

The point of my comments is obvious. The liberals claim that there are no cats in the White House but President Trump is just like Schrodinger's except bigger and better and oranger. He can say yes and no at the same  time and mean both. And any physicist who claims otherwise is not nice. Sad!

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