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O-A Application: Number of Copies of Documents

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Am applying for a fresh O-A visa at the Los Angeles Consulate.


When I applied in person for this visa in 2019 March, I seem to recall that the consular officer asked for an original and two copies of each document.

Is it still the case? The current instructions document on the Consulate website does not say anything about the number of copies.


Could anybody comment? Thanks.

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I don't see the number of copies needed and no mention of originals on the current list of requirement. That might be due the covid 19 restriction and having to mail in your application.

This is the list I am looking at. https://thaiembdc.org/2020/11/17/oalongstay/ Note that is from the embassy website that I was directed to after starting here on the consulate website. https://thaiconsulatela.org/en/visa/related-procedures-in-requesting-for-a-certificate-of-entry-and-visa-to-enter-thailand/

I suggest you contact the consulate by email to [email protected] about the number of copies needed now. 


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6 minutes ago, tonray said:

This is the NYC consulate requirement for OA

He is asking about applying at the LA consulate and the link you posted is the list pre covid 19 and it is missing some of the additional requirements due to that.

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Thanks all. As Ubonjoe pointed out, the new instructions do not mention the number of copies. I found an instruction sheet from October which mentions one original and two copies.


The number of photos needed varies from 2 to 3, depending on where one looks. Probably the safe bet would be one original and two copie sof all documents and three photos.

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14 minutes ago, KC 71 said:

oh ,right , i thought they were going in person, sorry.


Due to covid 19 mail in is the only option at most embassies and official consulates.

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