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Study ranks New Zealand as best place to ride out COVID-19 - but how does Thailand fare?

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Study ranks New Zealand as best place to ride out COVID-19 - but how does Thailand fare?



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New Zealand has come out on top in a study into the resilience of each country amid the COVID-19 pandemic.


The Pacific nation topped the list of 53 nations in the study called ‘Best and Worst Places to Ride Out Covid', conducted by news site Bloomberg.


Japan and Taiwan were ranked in second and third, respectively, followed by South Korea and Finland.


The study said the worst places to be during the pandemic were Mexico, Argentina, Peru, Belgium and Czech Republic.


Despite being regarded as some of the countries best prepared to handle a pandemic, the report said the UK and USA had "repeatedly been overwhelmed by infections and face a return to costly lockdowns".


The study analysed cases, fatality rate, the severity of lockdown, GDP growth forecasts and healthcare coverage, among other metrics.


New Zealand had just two cases per month per 100,000 population, and 5 deaths per million people.


"New Zealanders are basically living in a world without Covid," the study said.


Screenshot 2020-11-30 at 11.41.51.png


Japan was praised for its use of 'lightning fast' contact tracing teams who had experience in dealing with an outbreak of tuberculosis in recent years. 


By comparison, many other countries manned their tracing teams with untrained professionals, and the results were often chaotic, the study found. 


Taiwan, which was also noted for its lightning fast response, was praised for locking down its borders in order to keep the virus at bay.


Both New Zealand and Taiwan have gone more than 200 days without a locally transmitted case.


The study revealed some of the lengths South Korea, which ranked 4th, went to when it came to contact tracing. Officials  combed through mobile phone and credit card records, as well as studying thousands of hours of CCTV footage to track down people who had potentially been in contact with others who tested positive for the virus.


The study ranked Thailand 15th overall and found that it has just 1 death per million people and a positive test rate of just 0.2%.


As with many countries, Thailand faces a negative GDP growth of 7.1 per cent for 2020, the same as Canada at 7.1 per cent and similar to Hong Kong at 7.5 per cent.


By comparison, the UK and USA face negative GDP growth of 9.8% and 4.3%, respectively.


The study said “places like Thailand that count on travel and tourism have seen greater blows to their economies”.



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They don’t believe Thailand numbers...... that’s plain and simple 

So Thailand shown as 15th despite only two countries having a lower death rate per million. Dubious ranking.

How about Svalbard, Falkland Islands, St. Helena, or Tristan da Cunha?

Posted Images

Strange ratings on this chart, if you take deaths per million most of the higher rated countries make Thailand’s totals look insignificant.

Before anyone starts with Thailand Government figures are never true ask around to see how many know of COVID deaths, myself I have not heard of any in my area.

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Just as well they add covid to that, and it should also mention "if one has enough money to live in a house" Not much fun living in a motel because one hasn't enough money to rent in a runaway rental market. Prior to corona people were living in cars.

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What about North Korea? I think you’ll find that North Korea and China are ranked 1st and 2nd (respectively). That’s according to this Chinese scholar who has US residency. 


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