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Pattaya: Drainage projects deserted as residents fume

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Pattaya: Drainage projects deserted as residents fume



Picture: Sophon Cable TV


Sophon Cable TV reported that two major projects to improve drainage in Pattaya and still not remotely finished.


Residents are furious and despite millions of baht in budget there is little progress.


In fact some aspects of work in Soi 45, Soi 5 Thanwa where there is an 8 million baht project and on the railway road where 91 million baht is being spent on a pumping station, have just been left unfinished. 


The soi 45 work was meant to have been finished between July and December last year. It still has not been completed. 



Picture: Sophon Cable TV


The pumping station work was meant to have been completed over 510 days and done by now. 


Similarly this work at Khao Talo is still not completed.


Sophon reported continuing problems between City Hall and a company called Prosper Pollution. 


Source: Sophon Cable TV



-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2020-11-30
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Common problem here in Pattaya and will continue as long as those who have been in charge since the beginning of the 20 Century continue to hand their  jobs down to family.

Take took a perfectly good road " Railroad" dug it up made it a hazard then left like they always do. 🥳 partying all the way to the bank!


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