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Hua Hin: Beach restaurant fined 1,000 baht for menu violation

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A government agency stepping in and playing consumer advocate? Is this something new? This was a local agency, part of the Hua Hin administration. It must have been. I cannot imagine the Prayuth regime ever doing anything to benefit the average consumer. 

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1 hour ago, khunPer said:

I wonder if same kind of rules would apply to a certain restaurant chain selling hamburgers...🤔



Strangely enough though, when eating at Burger King here in Thailand, the burgers actually do look like the pictures whereas back in the US,  every Whopper looks like it was smooshed on purpose before serving it.

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A Western style restaurant  owned and run by a Thai family had Cheeseburger  ++ on their  English Menu.....I ordered it


When it arrived it was  a bun with a slice of Cheese in the center, basically a Cheese roll,  i asked where is the Burger meat, they insisted what they had served was a Cheese burger... minutes  of arguing could not change their thinking...I watched as another table had been served egg on toast , with jam lol...that  place has  since closed down

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On 12/1/2020 at 12:23 PM, redpill17 said:

Looks like a normal Thai portion on the photo. If this is considered a rip-off, then what about charging farang 120 baht for pad thai at some places?

Its not really a ripp off if you know the price and get what you pay for. As for Pad Thai: it comes in all forms and at various prices levels.

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