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Driver has miracle escape from accident in Chiang Mai

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Driver has miracle escape from accident in Chiang Mai



Picture: Sanook


Sanook reported that a 25 year old Thai woman called Nutchakan had to be cut out of her Honda Civic after she crashed into a tree on the Chiang Mai to Phrao Road.


She had multiple injuries including a broken left leg but was taken alive to Nakhon Ping Hospital.


The media called it a miracle escape.


Witnesses saw the car weaving across the road on a long straight stretch before the accident. She was heading towards Mae Jo.


They reported seeing a passenger but despite an extensive search of the crash site in the Sansai area no other person could be found.



Picture: Sanook


Police believe the driver either had a seizure or fell asleep behind the wheel. 


Rescue services warned about this stretch of road that is straight for 10kms and has frequent accidents.


Sanook said that the driver, from San Kamphaeng was "benjaphaet". This refers to the Thai belief that when people are 25 something life changing is likely to happen. 


Source: Sanook



-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2020-11-30
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Bet the Police didn't check her phone as I rarely see a Thai lady without her phone to her ear or using it in one form or another, they just cannot help themselves

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1 hour ago, IvorBiggun2 said:


I live on a long straight road, and in the seven years I've been here there have been something like 20 accidents within 500 metres. They have involved overturned lorries, death, amputations, coma, even a car flying through the top of a tree. So yes, unbelievable in most places, but not in Thailand where even a long straight road presents a serious challenge.

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Just goes to show that trees are dangerous and involved in far too many accidents. Removal of trees should be a top priority to ensure the safety of sleepy drivers


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Look, every day that anybody drives in the Kingdom and doesn't suffer a mishap is a miracle. This is the reality.


Every time we leave the car or bike intact we should kiss the ground and thank the gods. 

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