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Bathroom Tile Refinishing?

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I've finally had enough of the floor-to-ceiling dark brown tiling (what were they thinking?) in my condo's two bathrooms. But I'm not sure I want to undergo the hassle / expense of a full renovation...


Does anyone know if professional tile refinishing services are available in Thailand? Something like this: https://www.miraclemethod.com/


I'm in Pattaya. TIA





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I have the same issue.  The tiles in two of my bathrooms make them look like public toilets, but I can't stand the hassle of taking off the old tiles and putting on new.  Is there a less hassle  solution?  Can you tile on top of the existing  tiles? 

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You can tile on top of existing   but it's much better to remove everything and start again

labour is cheap in Thailand and there are many builders that do an ok job with tiling

just make sure they level the floor so it drains towards the drain hole and watch that they fully cover the tiles with adhesive  not the  four blobs method that will leave the tiles likely to fall off and crack if they are drilled.


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37 minutes ago, sometimewoodworker said:

Yes, as long as the existing tiles are well stuck.

And this potentially is the major issue. I have just had my kitchen partially retiled as the tiles were coming away in several places. The original tiles look to have had a full covering on the back but in places the tiles just came away from this and the cement on the back easily came off the wall.......


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1 hour ago, bankruatsteve said:

try to chisel out the existing tiles


I also think that will be the best solution in the long run. Good re-fishing jobs will never last more than 15 years; shoddy ones may disintegrate a year or two later.


Removing existing tiles is always a step in the dark (and in effect an unknown cost factor). I chipped off tiles that easily came off mostly in one piece. On another wall the tiles were "fused" to the wall and didn't come off without causing damage to the wall; in the end it was cheaper to knock down the wall and rebuild it!

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I have just had one of my wet rooms retiled. They took off the old ones Floor/wall. Then retiled, new toilet, sink, and electric shower, + plumbing, (I did the electric) total cost was 20k BHT including the tiles. First class job.


N/B they took the old ones off with a big drill, spade attachment, set on hammer only. Bit of work but they had them all off in a couple of hours. Total time was 1 morning to take out the old bits, Sink, Toilet, +++ and the afore mentioned tiles.


Just a quick edit. The OP is in Pattaya so he will more than likely pay more than I did. I have always found that they charge double there, than where I live.  


Was thinking of doing it myself as I used to be in the tiling game in the UK. But after getting a quote decided to give it a large miss. 


Tip NEVER retile over old tiles. You never know how good they have been put on, and it'll never looks nice round doors and windows. Added to that there isn't any good adhesive that will stick to the glass finished old tiles. Just asking for trouble down the road.  

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