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Marriage Visa paperwork required

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I have been doing a marriage visa and work permit together for 3 years in Phuket. For 12 years before that, I was doing a marriage visa outside of Thailand and getting multi-entry but had to leave Thailand every 90 days. But the last 3 years, I had a work permit and my boss had his lawyer/accountant take care of all the paperwork. Now I have retired and built a house in Chiang Khan and I will have to do my first marriage visa on my own and I know that the paperwork that my boss's lawyer did was a stack about 3" think! I had writers cramp from signing about 500 signatures while he flipped through the pages. I think one of the documents included every page of my passport. 


So if there is anyone out there that has a list of the required documents, please can you post a copy. I plan to have 400,000 baht wired from my US bank account and put it in my Kasekorn savings account more than 2 months before my due date which is March 5. I know about the letter from the bank and updating the bank savings book on the day of the immigration visit. In the past, I had to supply photos of us standing in front of our rental house in Phuket showing the house number and another set of photos in the living room with all the family sitting on the sofa. At the time there was a TM30 and id card of the land lord which I hear is no longer in use? Or is this only for Phuket? I think a copy of the house book (tambien baan). My wife is now the landlord!


Does anyone know of any special request for documents for Chiang Khan immigration?


I have been warned about a case of another American who had done all the banking and other documents and every thing was perfect and somehow he was denied the visa and never really found out why. He now has to report every two weeks for a temporary extension. I was told by a witness that he should have stayed quiet during the interview and I was advised to speak as little as possible. My Thai wife is from this area and she has the chanote for the rice farm in her name. Our 13 year old daughter is attending the CK government school in the English section. I just want to be prepared as much as possible well in advance. 


Do I need a new marriage certificate from the Ampur where we were married? I think we got one of those documents in Phuket at one of the government offices. 


When is the best day to schedule the I/O visit? About one week before the visa expires? 


I have been asked by a Thai friend if I would be interested to volunteer teaching some courses after school on how to build robots as a way to give the kids something interesting to do after school. But after reading some of the posts, I fear that by volunteering, I may have problems for working without a work permit! If anyone is 100% sure about this, please let me know. 


We own a small rice farm with 4 rai being cultivated. I also worry about being seen loading rice bags in my pick up. Any advice or warnings about what I can do and what I can't do, without a work permit, would be great to know. 

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Visit the immigration office and ask them what exactly they want, then you know it 100%. It's usually about the same everywhere, but some immigration offices make up some special requirements.

You can apply 30 days before your extension expires, just do it early, then you can correct any problems with any documents without running out of time.

Your wife has to submit a TM30 for you when you stay at her house.

Anything which could be seen as working could theoretically cause problems for you if you don't have a work permit. The chance that somebody will report you because you occasionly help your wife load some rice bags in a pick up is probably close to zero, but not impossible.

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Here is my list of required documents and etc that should work at any office. Marriage Extension Requirements 2.pdf

You will need a updated printout of your Kor Ror 2 marriage registry that can be requested at any Amphoe.

I would suggest you do the application at least 2 weeks before your current permit to stay ends in case you are missing something they want.

Be sure you get a letter from the bank confirming your account no longer than 1 day before you plan on applying and update your bank book on the same day you apply and make a copy of the updated page to add to the other copies you will need to prove the 400k baht has been in the bank for 2 months.

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