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New Rider, "Is it ok to go for big bike?"

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This is my first post in Thaivisa. I am 3 months to 55. Living in Bangkok for past 15 years. Never have a bike license. I have a Filano for me to go from home to 7-Eleven.


Since a teen many years ago I dream of having a big bike. Now that I am getting older I was thinking there's not much time left and I gotta do it now or never. So I intend to go get my riding license and after that go get a big bike (750-1200cc type). I have absolutely no experience riding on open roads. Is it advisable to get my dream bike soon after getting my license or better to wait and ride a normal bike to gain experience first? I drive a lot in Thailand though as I am a salesman.

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If you jump on to a big bike without experience then you could well be correct in your assumption of not having much time left!

Riding a 750cc+ bike in Bangkok, Sorry but that's a death sentence waiting to happen, even if you are experienced......you would be nuts to ride a powerful bike around Bangkok. Too many cars skipping

Get a smaller cc bike first with manual gears to get used to clutch.

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Have you recently had a frontal lobotomy performed?


Even if you survive an (almost certain) accident, recovering at 55 takes months..... if not years.


To be be fair...I am tempted to do the same as you.

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9 minutes ago, mr mr said:

don't go so big. 


about 16 months ago i bought a ktm duke 390. my first real bike experience. i have ridden the scooters for years. even this bike feels way too powerful for me. ...

My first 4-wheel vehicle (a 1967 VW bus) had about that same horsepower. 

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