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I quote BobTH from an archived thread, his post dated 1/1/19:


"If you need a windows and computer specialist to work on it, I know a man named Niicorn who is very sharp with the Windows operating systems, he is honest, reasonable and lives in Lumpini. He is Thai but speaks excellent English and if needed he will send a motorcycle taxi to pick it up and send it back after the repairs. I have used him for six years and he has been great. If you want you can give him a call and talk it over. 081613-2222."


This caught my eye then and I saved for possible future use. I had a software issue a month ago, found this note from the past and called Nikorn up. He was incredibly helpful and installed a bunch of software of no use to him simply in order to mimic my situation. Interacting with him - all this was over Line and I've never met him to date - I ended up solving the problem on my own. I offered to pay for his time but he refused.


Then I told him I was planning to upgrade my 4-year old hardware and asked if he could help. He said to send him my system info and looked at it and said, you're good, you're not going to get much out of an upgrade so don't waste your money.


Reason for posting this new thread. The original thread is archived and can't be replied to, which is what I wanted to. But I guess there are still at least a few expats out there like me who are klutzes when it comes to systems/hardware matters. Here's a guy in Bkk who it seems we can depend on. As I said my only interaction with Nikorn has been via Line and I have no relation with him other than to wish him well and to hope his business thrives so that next time I need help he's still around.







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Another dependable computer repair shop is "Pro-Corner Computer Repair" on the 3rd floor of Fortune Tower.  

I've been using and recommending them for 10 years and have never had anything but positive feedback. 

The manager speaks excellent English and is straightforward and trustworthy.  Closed Sundays.

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2 hours ago, moontang said:

Geez, stop using Windows and you will never need a repair.. Unless you drop it, or use an ungrounded desktop. 

Lordie, must be awesome to be so clever.

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5 minutes ago, Why Me said:

Lordie, must be awesome to be so clever.

Pop is retired from Univac.  I started programming 40 years ago.

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