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Sudarat quits opposition Pheu Thai Party

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Sudarat quits opposition Pheu Thai Party

By The Nation



Sudarat Keyuraphan


Sudarat Keyuraphan reportedly quit Pheu Thai Party on Monday effective immediately.


In September she had given up her post as party chief strategist, and said she would continue pushing for charter amendments as its member.


Source: https://www.nationthailand.com/news/30398840



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17 hours ago, GarryP said:

I think we will see a lot of people in politics showing their true positions once things have settled down. Probably not out of concern for the people they are supposed to represent but rather self preservation. I think we will see even more polarization than we are seeing now as many of the older politicians realize they are losing their support base as the younger generation support more progressive candidates. While some may be able to adapt, many are likely to turn even more hardline in an attempt to hang on to power.    

Also, I suspect people like sudarat and jatuporn (and more PT folks) are keeping their fingers crossed a PT government / mostly PT government) will eventually return to power, and PT folks will become ministers, /get appointed to very senior advisory/powerful positions and therefore get their fingers back into the trough, and try again for an amnesty for Thaksin.


Sudarat was known during the old PT days as 'miss 30%'.





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  • 4 weeks later...

C'mon. Nobody gives two shakes about old Naliam anymore! He's gone for good. Fact is, the 1997 constitution was the best we ever had for public representation. But then Mr. T called in his chips and had 3k 'drug pushers' killed. No better than Duterte.


On the other hand, I kind liked Yingluck. The rice pledging was an overreach & the amnesty bill way misguided. Pols should not be charged for simple fulfillment of their duties.

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