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Cancer institute warns people against blindly believing internet posts on herbal cure

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Cancer institute warns people against blindly believing internet posts on herbal cure




Photo: www.สมุนไพรไทย.com


The National Cancer Institute has warned people not to believe or share news or internet posts that claim a herb called Khao Thong (Houttuynia cordata), also known as heart leaf or fish leaf, can help cure cancer.


“Khao Thong is a Thai traditional herb in the Saururaceae family, which is rich in anti-oxidants of the polyphenol group such as flavonoid and chlorogenic acid,” said Department of Medical Services director-general Dr Somsak Akksilp. “However, there is no conclusive study proving that it is effective in treating cancer in humans.”


Dr Jida Rojanamethin, director of the National Cancer Institute, added that people should not believe shared internet posts without checking the facts first.


“Misunderstanding could lead to health risks or reduced chance of success when receiving standardised treatment,” he said.


“Although this herb is good for your health, one should also eat the five food groups proportionately as well as avoid cancer risk factors such as smoking and drinking.”


For more information, visit National Cancer Institute at www.nci.go.th or Department of Medical Services at www.dms.go.th




Source: https://www.nationthailand.com/news/30398869



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