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Police, court officials to have discussions ahead of ruling on PM

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Police, court officials to have discussions ahead of ruling on PM




BANGKOK (NNT) - Police and Constitutional Court officials will have a meeting this week, ahead of a court ruling affecting Prime Minister and Defense Minister, Gen. Prayut Chan-o-cha, on Wednesday (Dec 2). He is accused of illegally occupying an army house since his retirement from military service.


Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police Bureau, Pol. Lt. Gen. Pakapong Pongpetra, said today that police officers are preparing security plans, as Khana Ratsadon demonstrators are to gather outside the Constitutional Court on Wednesday. The court is scheduled to read its ruling on whether Gen. Prayut has a conflict of interest in staying in the army house, after having retired from military service.


Police and court officials will discuss security measures around the premises. The court may consider declaring some areas off-limits to protesters. The police have prepared security forces and plans to facilitate traffic and deal with the protest group.


The Chief Government Whip, Wirat Rattanaset, expressed concern over the issue, as the Prime Minister is the head of the government. Mr. Wirat said the government will not discuss candidates who may serve as acting prime minister, until the court’s ruling is made.


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5 minutes ago, colinneil said:

It will be a very sad day for this country of the court rules in Prayuts favour.

Staying in the army house after retiring, or should i say after seizing power with a coup, shows how arrogant the man is, he thinks he can do want he wants, thinks he is above the law.

Nobody is above the law, oops silly me he makes up laws to suit himself.

That's only after retarding retiring from the army, not the government.

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58 minutes ago, phetphet said:

Pity gambling is illegal here. I wouldn't mind a bet on what the court's decision will be.

I doubt you would even get a price.

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