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Bangkok, Venice of the East gets a new “E”

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Bangkok, Venice of the East gets a new “E”



The first electric-powered boat service comes to Bangkok’s Klong Phadung Krungkasem


Since November 27, the first seven EV (electric vehicle) boats have been carrying passengers over five kilometres of Klong Phadung Krungkasem. The route covers 11 piers between Hua Lamphong train station and Talad Tewalat. Other stops include Yotse, the Ministry of Energy, Ratchadamnoen Nok and Thewet.


Initiated by Krungthep Tanakom, a holding company under the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration for public investment projects, the service aims to maximise the use of waterways in the capital and provide environmentally friendly mobility to the city.


More importantly, the service is also an effort by Ministry of Public Transport to enhance getting around the city by making it easier for commuters to change onto other forms of transport. The route connects with other modes of public transports at on four spots: the Chao Phraya Express Boat at Thewarat Market, Saen Saeb Boat at the Ministry of Energy, trains at Hua Lamphong Station and the metro system also at Hua Lamphong Station.


Full story: https://www.thaipbsworld.com/bangkok-venice-of-the-east-gets-a-new-e/


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If they had that service before I left Thailand in 2019, I'd have saved a lot of shoe leather and white knuckle motosai rides going from Hua Lampong to Bobae wholesale garments market.


If you've never been to Bobae, I highly recommend it- now that the last mile is covered safely and conveniently by boat.  Though that's one of the stinkier khlongs in BKK.  At least it used to be.  Hopefully, part of the program is to clean it up some.


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23 hours ago, hotchilli said:

Venice of the east could catch on... just give it a few more years.


Venice is far overrated...only that cathedral is awesome but the rest just looks like Bangkok..i really can't understand why Venice has such a big name...and the restaurants around the cathedral have the same scamming tricks as they do in Thailand.

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