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'Bad Student' leaders get support of allies as police slap charges on them

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'Bad Student' leaders get support of allies as police slap charges on them

By The Nation




Allies of the “Bad Student” group came out to support the leaders who faced charges at Lumpini Police Station on Sunday night.




They also took the opportunity to celebrate the birthday of one member who turned 18.


The rally “Free Student” held activities and delivered some speeches while three protest leaders went into the police station to acknowledge their charges.




At 7pm, Tosaporn Sereerak, a former lawmaker and doctor, who came to support the students led the others to surprise one of the protest leaders.


When he came out, they gave him three cakes and sang a birthday song for him. He said that he wished the demands of pro-democratic people would succeed.




Source: https://www.nationthailand.com/news/30398883



-- © Copyright The Nation Thailand 2020-12-01
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Did the cops help light the candles, or would that be considered aiding and abetting? 


The army and the elites are taking  a hammering in the foreign press.   


These kids will win in the long run if they keep badgering the powers that be.   They are worried.

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I'm currently outside Thailand and I'm just wondering if the student protests are largely along the same previously seen red vs yellow social class lines or if the protests are actually a united youth movement (including wealthy Chinese Thai types that attended international schools) versus older, more conservative Thais?

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