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1st Extension & Home Visit Samut Prakan

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19 hours ago, Luuk Chaai said:

Samut Prakan Immigration comes thru again with an A+

 Did my 1st Extension based on Marriage last week Thursday,  was a breeze , and yesterday they  phoned to say they would stop by about 10am today (Tuesday) and reminded us to have a witness available

 Pretty punctual   .. 2 young gentlemen arrived in Immigration Police P/u ,,said good am and asked permission to come inside. then asked permission to sit at table to do paperwork.

 they asked  3 questions, took a copy of our witness' ID  ( we had the Security Guard form the  complex help us ) took photos of us in kitchen , living room, Prayer room, bedroom (sitting on edge of bed ) one out front with the  house # and one at the main gate with the security guard.   it was  15 minutes in and out.   .. They also said  you don't have to have us come see you next year ...     Top notch service @ Samut Prakan Immigration.


It begs the question - why bother submitting photo's for under consideration stamp when they come and take their own anyway....the mind boggles!

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4 hours ago, EvetsKram said:

We had a home visit a few years ago,  3 immi officers,  lots of food,  alcohol & when they finally left it cost another 2k cash. I reverted to retirement after that

Why on earth did you do that ? The mind boggles. Sorry but that is stupidity at its best.

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4 hours ago, Carlosm said:

Luuk Chaai, did it cost you 2000 Bt ? My imm office said to have the 2000 Bt ready and i would get a receipt.

Oh pleeese tell us if you got a receipt for something that cannot be charged for.

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