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Cabinet gives green light to new 120kph speed limit

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What could possibly go wrong?

thais cannot drive as it is; now this ridiculous govt is green-lighting them driving Faster ?!

Yea, though I drive though the valley of death, I shall fear no (or little), evil, as I am in a Volvo. I pray for everyone else of course.

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44 minutes ago, EricTh said:

They were already doing 120kph. So this makes it legal....


Even on non-highways, I see quite a number of big trucks exceeding the speed limit.


there's me scratching my head... I thought 120 Kph is already the current limit on the highway.

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1 hour ago, ThailandRyan said:

I think I need to go into the undertaker business and rent out refrigerated caskets.  Looks like the investment will pay off nicely.  Have not found anything that says it is a Thai only job.


plenty of reefers around Laem Chabang

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3 hours ago, snoop1130 said:

The speed limits will apply on national and rural highways of four lanes separated by a barrier and without U-turn points.


No one will care about U-turn points therefore Thais will consider all national and rural highways to have a new maximum speed of 120 kph which will translate to 150+ kph for anyone with a new-model HiSo car which any Thai who has a pulse will be able to buy on credit.  That will introduce a new level of carnage to Thai roads that will be beyond description.
Thais simply do not have adequate driving skills to travel at those speeds.  It will be a combination of excess speed coupled with asinine driving habits that will lead to slaughter:  Fools driving at speeds beyond their ability to handle meeting other fools driving like idiots at extremely slow speeds.  Even people who are driving safely will be in the slaughter-zone now as those vehicles travelling at really excessive speeds will start wiping out everything around them in a cascade effect.
Hopefully the HiSos passing these deadly laws will be some of the first to earn Darwin Awards.  What a stupid bunch of morons.

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