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Golden Triangle:   Why is there no privacy?


Nurse:                     Privacy 1000 baht more.  



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25 minutes ago, VocalNeal said:


200 baht

Next time I will inform them that I  have high blood pressure,  am overweight a bit & my temperature when I left home (using exactly the same model of thermometer as the hospital) is spot on, that way I will  save  money,  thanks for the tip 👍👍

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46 minutes ago, EVENKEEL said:

You guys are worse than a bunch of old ladies.🤣

I must add that I do suffer when it comes to balance, asking me to stand on scales, especially if flush with the wall is a problem that I don't really want strangers seeing, but I have also been sat in a corridor with other people directly opposite who took a great interest in my BP. I can do without that thanks.  😃

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