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Advice required re OA application from UK

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I'm seriously keen to get back to Thailand, it's got to be worth jumping a few hoops and quarantining for.

Here's my plan and queries, comments gratefully received.


1. Prep. I am sure I would have noticed if I had contracted TB, second step of syphilis, elephantaisis or leprosy. No matter, a few visits to a private doctor  will sort it (scant change from £200). Once the certificate has been issued the clock starts clicking down from 3 months. I'm hoping for earliest departure I can in January.

                        I haven't committed any criminal activities recently so that particular certificate can be taken as given.

                        I have £20k since 10th July (and £10k for a few years before that) in the bank. They keep moving the goalposts, currently I only need 80,000B / £20k for one month. Am I right? Do I also need proof of earnings? Last time I tried to show that they wouldn't accept my certified accounts drawn up by my accountant. How can I show proof of earnings if they insist on it?


2. Insurance. I have some serious health issues but can get  annual cover for 93 day visits from specialist British brokers.

                        Do I specifically need Thai insurance and if so who is the best chuckaway provider?


3. Book flight. Any knowledge of direct flights from Heathrow, preferably Thai Air or BA? Full? Empty? Over zealous customs officials? Odd quirks of airports during Covid situation?


4. Book quarantine hotel. Do I need a hotel in Bangkok (ASQ) or can I naff off to somewhere a bit more chilled (ALQ)? Thaiest.com has a whole host of recommendations but any tips are welcome. 


5. Book accommodation. I will be moving around a bit. I think the Special Tourist Visa requires accommodation to be booked and paid for for the entire length of stay. I am guessing the OA doesn't require this. If I do need it, I can probably fix this for a small favour from a Bangkok hotelier.


6. Certificate of Entry & Covid test immediately before flight, another backhander to private doctor.


Like many posts here I am thinking there isn't always a definitive answer. My previous visits suggest the rules are interpreted somewhat arbitrarily depending on who is  looking at the information you provide. I am trying a belt and braces approach here so I don't get some jobsworth turning me away at the airport after all the work and cost.


Thanks to all in advance.


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1. Not sure where you are getting the 80K baht number from.

The from the embassy website for the OA visa.

"Financial evidence showing monthly income of not less than 65,000 THB (approx. £1,625) or having the current balance of 800,000 THB (approx. £20,000), e.g. bank statements, proof of earnings, for at least 1 month."

Source: https://london.thaiembassy.org/en/publicservice/84508-non-immigrant-visas?page=5d6636cd15e39c3bd00072dd&menu=5f4b6eb3f6ae4b236972c562

Not need to prove earnings if you have the equivalent of 800k baht in the bank.

2. From above webpage.

"Copy of evidence stating that applicants have insurance as per stipulated by the Office of Insurance Commission and health insurance of Thailand which has insurance money for outpatient not less than 40,000 Baht and for inpatient not less than 400,000 Baht. Please check http://longstay.tgia.org> for more information regarding the insurance requirement.".

If you can get insurance from a company in the UK and prove it has the 40/400 baht coverage it will be accepted.

You will also need the $100.000 covid 19 insurance coverage valid for one year from the day you enter the country. See: https://covid19.tgia.org/

3/4 See this page for info. https://london.thaiembassy.org/en/publicservice/application-for-certificate-of-entry-to-thailand-for-non-thai-nationa?page=5d6636cd15e39c3bd00072dd&menu=5f4b6eb3f6ae4b236972c562

5. You just need to prove a short stay someplace after the 14 day quarantine. That will needed when you apply for the OA visa online.

6. Look at the pages for the certificate of entry requirements I posted a link to. Everything is confirmed for entry the country before you board your flight. You will do the certificate of entry application online here. https://coethailand.mfa.go.th/


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When I applied for an O-A in 2019 March in Los Angeles: 


For financials, I attached the following:


 Bank of America list of deposits for the last six months.

Bank of America checking account statements.

Statements of investments from asset management  companies.


These were sufficient, and because the application was in person, it was easy to explain to the consular official what I have attached. I got the visa in three hours.


This is now a different ball game, with mail in only applications. I have just applied for a fresh O-A and attached the same documents. The Consulate asks for letters of account status from banks, but Bank of America does not issue such a letters. 


I have a Bangkok Bank account which has the requisite amount of money for the O-A visa, but there is no way to get a letter from them. So, I copied the bank book pages and attached them to the application.


The Consulates seem to be seeking reassurance of veracity, so it might help if one has all the documents "notarized" with a stamp and a signature- looks official and gives the documents some sort of imprimatur.  I could not find a notary who would do that, because notaries here notarize a copy of a document. Notarizing an original makes no sense to them. 


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“Also please note: The Los Angeles Consulate requirements for the O-A visa, also ask for an outbound ticket, ASQ reservation, COVID insurance, and the 40,000/400,000 health insurance..”


The ASQ and Covid 100k Baht insurance are required for the COE(Certificate of Entry).  The 400K IPD and 40K OPD insurance are for the actual OA Visa application.  These are two different processes.  

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OP, regarding the questions in your thread. Yes you will get good advice and have already.

In addition you can Google anything related to your many questions. So the above is link to thread regarding non O-A insurance is just one example.

I search google "non O-A insurance thaivisa" and many threads appear links to thaivisa threads. Wealth on info.

You could search "ASQ quarantine thaivisa" 

etc. Don't use the thaivisa search function.

The quarantine search will show many threads including first hand accounts from folk having gone through the process. 

Good luck.


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VFR, yes, your version makes sense, because ASQ and Covid insurance dates will be dictated by the O-A visa approval. 


I must have been confused by the variation among the listed consular requirements. I followed the following link given below which calls for ASQ and Covid insurance. I thought I saw the need for a flight ticket, but I can't recall where I saw it.



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Thank you very much for your replies. I'll check out the many links.

The Thai Embassy here has some old and contradictory links so the purpose of my enquiry was to pick up any conceivable stumbling points. 

As regards the OA vs STV. I have some business interests at home which require my attention from time to time, otherwise it's as much Thailand as I can get. 

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