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What US Banks use the IAT formation for transfers?

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I used to transfer via ACH from my US based bank to Bangkok Bank's NY branch.  Last year, Bangkok Bank started required IAT (International ACH Transactions) and my transfers stopped working.


I'm looking for a US based bank that uses the IAT format for transferring money.


Not interested in SWIFT, Wire Transfers, Western Union and the likes.


Thanks in advance.


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How about Transferwise?  Most with such issues have changed to use them and find cost effective.  Have not seen reports of US banks using IAT except for commercial accounts.

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I know of no US bank that uses ACH IAT for a retail account; they all use the regular domestic ACH format which is meant for transfers staying within the U.S.   Now some US banks to offer ACH IAT transfer capability for some business/commercial accts like for businesses who need to pay foreign payroll, pay for foreign products, etc.  



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