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TM30 Online Registration Problem

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Hoping somebody might have advice on what to do next.

I filled out the TM30 registration form online and uploaded the necessary documents, and within a minute received an email from the Immigration Dept:


Please confirm your registration, In order for the immigration office to issue your username and password.
Please click here to confirm your email address.



So far, so good. But when I clicked on the link, I was taken to the extranet.immigration website with the following message:

"Sorry, something went wrong. Please try again."


I've tried numerous times during the past two days, but with the same results. 


Should I wait for a few days and try again? Resubmit the application/documents? Give up?


Your suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

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Make sure you're not running any web filters when you click either of the verification links (there are two). It might work if you COPY the link and PASTE it into an open browser "incognito" url space.



EDIT:  also, try PASTING it without the final "=" at the end of the key. 


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Did you click the link while still on the email they sent you? Sometimes the links will not work if you paste them into the address window on your browser.

When I clicked the link it gave me the message that something went wrong and then the online reporting site opened after I clicked OK. Have you tried logging into the site.

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Thanks for the advice, but....


After clicking OK, the log-in site appears -- but I can't log-in because I still haven't been issued a username or password (which is supposed to occur after my initial click confirming my email address, but which results in the "sorry, something went wrong" message).


I also tried copying and pasting the link as suggested, both with and without the final "equal", but neither worked.


Any other suggestions? 

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It's possible the emailed verify link has expired. You may want to try re-registering, then be ready to receive and click the emailed link when it arrives.  



EDIT: The "User Manual v.4" describes the process as registering, and keeping the browser window open (session active?) while clicking the recently received email verify link.


Manual instructions Google Translated--> 


Please press the OK button and check the information in the Email that we are sending confirm the Email at
Will appear on the screen as in the picture


"Click on the link to confirm the Email Address to complete the registration process.
*** To exit the subscription page, click on it to log out.


Click on the word to go to the next window.

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I re-registered just now received an immediate reply that the address was already registered.
So I guess that my previous attempt at registration was successful despite never receiving a username or log-in code.

Does anyone know of a way to follow up, preferably by phone or online? 


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3 hours ago, Pawpal said:

Does anyone know of a way to follow up, preferably by phone or online? 


I think you will need contact your local office to get your login and password.

You may still get another email with login info. That can take longer than getting the first email.

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9 minutes ago, earlinclaifornia said:

Only the Thai owner can do this and not the foreigner resident, correct?

A foreigner as the tenant can do the registration.

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