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Governor urges people to visit Chiang Mai - there's no quarantine or lockdown

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Governor urges people to visit Chiang Mai - there's no quarantine or lockdown




Chiang Mai's governor has told the press that his province does not have a lockdown and there is no need to quarantine for three days if you visit. He has urged people to visit.


Charoenrit Sanguansat was reacting in the wake of the province's 42nd case of the virus.


He said that the normal measures in place since the start of the pandemic still being followed. These include checking everyone at every entry point into the province. 


Authorities in Chiang Mai have been moving swiftly to counteract bad press from the case of a 29 year old woman who returned with Covid from Myanmar.


Charoenrit told INN, as reported by Sanook, that nearly all contacts of the woman had been traced and tested.


Source: Sanook



-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2020-12-02
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This oxygen thief should get off his fat backside and to something constructive to attract people to Chiang Mai. But he does not have the wit or intelligence to think up anything. Pattaya had a polluting fireworks show! What has he done other than cancel all Loy Kratong parades etc. What is he going to do to make the New Year break into a happy time? Nothing.

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