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5 injured after man sets fire to himself at market BBQ

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5 injured after man sets fire to himself at market BBQ
Picture: Daily News
Four people were burned - three Thai tourists - after a man arrived at a fish market in Ban Ang Sila, Muang district of Chonburi carrying a 20 liter canister of gasoline. 
One witness - a tourist called Best - told Daily News that he saw the man spread gasoline over an area 20 meters long before he set fire to it. He had just arrived at the road by the market on a motorcycle with sidecar attachment. 
The media said in their headline that the perpetrator had set fire to himself. 
Picture: Daily News
The incident happened around 4pm in an area where seafood was being barbecued. 
CCTV showed a man later identified as Note using a cigarette lighter. 
A tourist called Jan had his trousers on fire as he ran. 
Another  tourist called Nathaphon and a female tourist called Matsaya, 34, were also burned. 
All four were taken to hospital. 
Picture: Daily News
Matsaya said she was waiting in line to do some barbecue when she smelled gasoline. It all happened very fast and she suffered burns to her leg. 
Saensuk police intend to talk to Note to discover why he would do such a thing. 
Soure: Daily News
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