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Xmas dinner in HH

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Family and I are off to HH for Xmas. Haven't been there in years. Which places are offering nice Christmas dinners? I'd prefer in a pub (if any of them are still in business that is). Amn't looking for anything too fancy, but shouldn't be shabby either. 

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15 minutes ago, theoldgit said:

Father Teds pub at about 1,000 Baht for a set lunch, should be good, probably need to book.


There's Coco 51 on the beach, not a pub though, they're charging 1,390 Baht for their buffet.


I'm sure there are others, the higher end hotels are asking their normal higher end prices.

Just think what you could cook yourself & family for say Bht 4000! 

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10 hours ago, theoldgit said:


All of it, it's for a party on Boxing Day.

Well if you are having a party for at least 10 people then the 4,000 baht is ok   For me we are two people and so a turkey would be wasted even if some was used for cold sandwich or salad and some for a curry

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8 hours ago, djayz said:

Good point, but the missus cooks day in, day out (in family restaurant and for us), so it's nice to get away from the kitchen every so often. Besides, a little treat once in a while is a nice reward after having worked so hard. 

Well said..

Its good to have a break ,especialy for those that work hard..

Its still one special day per year....

Maybe not for thai people..

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