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Tourism can help drive Thai economy - Chinese investors are ready

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Tourism can help drive Thai economy - Chinese investors are ready




Thai media reported again that opening the country to tourism was a key way to drive the economy forward.


Channel 7 reported on estimates from one of the country's largest banks - Krungsri (Bang of Ayudhya) - who said that the economy had contracted 6.4% this year with the export sector down 7.5%. 


Much of the economy was still fragile with rising household debt a concern. They expected slow tourism recovery next year and cautioned investors to keep a wary eye on vaccine developments and matters like Brexit. 


Thai Chinese Chamber of Commerce president Narongsak Phutthaphrommongkhon - who elsewhere has been promoting the idea of travel bubbles for Chinese tour groups to visit Thailand including a pilot project for Phuket - said that Chinese investors were ready to put their money into Thailand. 


This and a steady return to mass tourism could be a key driver of recovery in the Thai economy. 


Source: Channel 7



-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2020-12-03
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