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Prince Harry suggests COVID is rebuke from nature

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Think about what WE'VE done???? 😆   Speak for yourself. I don't fly around the world in a private jet, have 2 people and a baby living in a 15 bedroom mansion and drive myself and security ar

Harry time for you to shut up, coming out with c++p like that, just proves that you and Megan will do/say anything just to keep yourselves in the spot light.

and i am suggesting he has the intellect of a royal

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Rebuke from nature. Inbreeding? His dad had covid and his brother.

The Brits in general do seem to have a very weak immunity and seem to catch it and die from it very easily. So maybe he is right. There must be a reason. 

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Some people born with good looks others with brains, this guy has non of the above, i wonder whether he got the wife permission to speak...

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