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DPM Prawit orders nationwide CCTV installations

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DPM Prawit orders nationwide CCTV installations




BANGKOK (NNT) - Deputy Prime Minister Gen Prawit Wongsuwan has ordered more CCTV cameras to be installed across the country, targeting roads and border areas to prevent illegal entry.


The national CCTV system planning and managing committee, chaired by Deputy Prime Minister Gen Prawit Wongsuwan, has approved the plan to link all CCTV networks in the country by 2022.


The committee has acknowledged a report, from the Ministry of Digital Economy and Society, which has ordered CAT Telecom to connect 350 CCTV cameras, previously running on 7 separate networks, to a central management system. This operation has been successful.


DPM Gen Prawit has urged that the plan must be carried out carefully, to ensure a seamless integration of CCTV networks, which can better help the authorities to protect the general public and suppress crimes.


He emphasized the need for cameras to be installed on roads, at border crossings and along natural borders, in order to prevent attempts to enter the country illegally.


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This has nothing to do with border crossings and natural borders, nothing with illigal entry to the country, and nothing with the prevention against importing Covid from other countries.   A

Why would the watch collector or any other snout at the trough want to do anything cheaply, don't you know how it works? 🤔

I was just thinking  the same. How can CCTV be installed 'along natural borders'? The logistics for installation, maintenance, cabling/remote comms systems, power - all along the thousands of kil

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7 minutes ago, bluesofa said:

Yes, but they will later be found not working, necessitating a committee to look into what went wrong and which scapegoat to blame.

Ah, by then the commissions will have been pocketed and spent, maybe another new Richard Mille or a Rolex Daytona!



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52 minutes ago, Cake Monster said:

The Cameras could possibly be monitored by the same Team that sit and watch all the Cameras that dont work in Pattaya City.

They are experts in watching nothing for Hours and Days.

mostly with both eyes  closed, the perfect job for  many Thais, security man at our  condo..Ive never seen him awake at  night yet.

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