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Trains stay away from flooded Thung Song for now

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Trains stay away from flooded Thung Song for now

By The Nation




State Railway of Thailand train services to Nakhon Si Thammarat’s Thung Song district have been temporarily suspended due to severe flooding.


As water levels began receding on Thursday, people started working hard to clean public sites like the train station as well as their own homes.


Meanwhile, 4th Army Area troops deployed trucks to provide transport for passengers at Nakhon Si Thammarat Airport, where flooding has blocked entry for cars.


The airport is currently servicing 6,000 to 7,000 passengers per day.


The Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation (DDPM) reportedly said 255,162 households in the provinces of Surat Thani, Nakhon Si Thammarat, Phatthalung, Trang, Songkhla, Pattani and Narathiwat were still struggling with floods.


"The department is cooperating with soldiers and related officials on assisting victims and mitigating the situation,” DDPM said.


Source: https://www.nationthailand.com/news/30399026



-- © Copyright The Nation Thailand 2020-12-03
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Thung Song floods every year, despite innumerable flood mitigation projects being launched,  you can be sure rail and road links connecting north to south will be severed for several days because of flooding at Thung Song.


Every project, whether addressing deforestation and slowing run-off, or diversionary canals and flood defences, seemingly little or nothing is done, because the problem still remains.



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I live about 14km (Na Pho) from Thung Song. We are on higher ground. Thung Song is situated in a valley with mountains on 3 sides. It rains with greater frequency than where I live just north of Thung Song so because of it's location the problem to relieve floods is not such an easy one to solve. 

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