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Airport Bangkok in transit for a few hours

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Inside airport, not requiring immigration, and you go to check in of your airline at transit desk, or provide ongoing airline ticket, and your ok'd to move from arrivals to departures, your in neutral territory I believe. Currently to the best of my knowledge, paperwork required to enter or leave Thailand is not required or have I read required. Sadly this process is allowing infected persons travel to destinations, where on arrival, isolation occurs. Whilst compulsory in and out of Thailand, sadly to those who wish to go home, most other countries don't require a medical test 72 hours prior to start of travel, with a negative result. Thus infections continue in transit and on arrival at destinations.

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That response given a c of e and med cert, but, can you reenter airport to resume a flight to destinations or whisked of to quarantine? In which case infected people, previously negative, could continue their journey! Time to visit airport and ask if no response comes from this. 

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