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Latest Electric Car Prices in Thailand

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1 minute ago, Crossy said:


For me yes, just one, my home.


It really depends upon how often you are going to do long trips. My daily commute of 40km each way is easily covered by an overnight charge at home.


Ok, thanks.

Just wondering for long trips.  Maybe driving around Issan not sure if they are up to speed on this.

Guess if not, just rent a gas car.

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Like Boris in Jolly 'Ol hopes - no more new cars past 2030 using gas or diesel.

He has 9 years to install infrastructure around the country - not counting Scotland, Wales, Ireland, to permit EV charging for the masses.

And where is the parking coming from, with all those cars requiring hours to charge ?

Gov't going to buy the property ? And where is the electricity coming from ? Going to build a bunch of new power plants ? Fuelled by what ?

The more I read about this the more I laugh - Pipe Dream Mak Mak !

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1 hour ago, tomazbodner said:

There are several possibilities, such as exchangeable battery packs, in road induction chargers that charge as they drive, etc. The battery technology is also improving.

That is all well and good. But what is available now ? Answer - nuttin'

When will it be available - answer - who knows

Until the infrastructure is in place it remains a "What If" "I Hope" "One Day "


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7 hours ago, tomazbodner said:

Obviously with the current needed, you would not be able to do that at home with a 15A socket, but a dedicated charging station with some seriously fat cabling could probably achieve that. And 9 years is a long time in technology World. We've had bigger challenges and they were resolved in far shorter time.

Batteries are do not necessarily have such high current charging requirements. A non hybrid plug in electric car will have a battery voltage in the range 400 - 800 volts so, as you might imagine, the charging current would not need such massively thick cables. Charging at home is quite feasible but it would still take a fair time to do. A dedicated charging station would possibly do the same but much quicker and with lots of safety limits to prevent overcharging. An example of a 600 volt battery being charged at 10 amps would give 6 kW for how ever many hours it is charging.


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15 minutes ago, matador007 said:

Obviously you want to have a decent home charger for sure.


The issue is going to be for those who don't have easy access to power where they park.


Condos for example are going to have to think about providing regular power outlets (for "slow" charging) at every parking slot, people are not going to live with having to plug in and then move their cars once charged. These will need to be metered and charged to the unit (and have some sort of locking so the neighbours can't "borrow" your charging point). Not insurmountable of course.




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