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Khao San: After the hype comes the reality - once "billion baht" street" deserted in the daytime

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  • webfact changed the title to Khao San: After the hype comes the reality - once "billion baht" street" deserted in the daytime
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Well, cry me a river; many traders made huge profits in such tourist spots around Thailand during the good times, which extended for years. If they did not have the foresight to save and plan for the

exactly - without the foreigners -even backpackers - Thailand's  future will be dark How many backpackers is the worth of a "quality tourist" ? I doubt there will ever be enough quality tour

It always amuses me when a farang claims that Thailand is doomed without them. Every farang could vanish tomorrow and IMO only the bar girls, families and the tourist companies would miss them. Thaila

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4 minutes ago, ChipButty said:

I've lived here 25 years I've been twice

Much like my visits to Bangla in Patong when I lived on Phuket.  Think i visited maybe 3 times.  Spent more time in Phuket Town and then with living in Rawaii we would hit up Laguna and the bars in Kata by the beach, but that was back in the day.  Now I just hang out and listen to live music where we can find it, mainly the Hilary 1 bar in Nana, just have to dodge the LB's on the walk down the road.

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1 hour ago, thaibeachlovers said:

LOL. Note the last word is not "night time"

Khao San: After the hype comes the reality - once "billion baht" street" deserted in the daytime


Apparently, KSR was already taken over by Thais before the corona, and the bagpackers were staying in the side roads off it. It was always, IMO, a rip off place and I for one will shed no tears for its demise.

Hopefully the tourist bus companies that ran buses ( they sometimes had thieves in the baggage compartment stealing from the bags- a common complaint by bagpackers that lost money and passports etc when I was posting on Lonely Planet ) from KSR will have all gone out of business. I did travel on one after floods prevented the trains from running from Surat Thani, and I was not impressed at all. Good riddance to them, IMO. Government buses are way better.


I used to go there in the last century to remind myself why I didn't stay there.


you bet. i could of sworn it said night time when i posted. smoke another one johnny. 

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3 minutes ago, sammieuk1 said:

But the economy is only 6% down! khaosod english did a tour around there last week and it looked like the grim reapers pack passage 🤔   

Yeah, Something does not compute. We are being told that times are bad, but where I live life is much the same as prior to corona lockdown. I reckon even more cars on the road.

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