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Pattaya: Calls for events every week to promote "cool season" tourism

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Pattaya: Calls for events every week to promote "cool season" tourism



Picture: 77kaoded


The head of Pattaya's business tourism association, buoyed by recent events that have seen weekends with plenty of tourists, has called for events to be held every weekend.


The penny finally seems to have dropped as to what Pattaya can expect until foreign tourists return. 


For the foreseeable future with no foreigners Pattaya is not going to enjoy much tourism midweek. 


It is now a weekend place and Ekkasit Ngamphichet said it was important that every weekend offered something for Thais. 


He feared that with the cool season now upon Thailand it was important to attract Thais who traditionally would go to places like Chiang Mai and Khao Yai to enjoy the lower temperatures. 



Picture: Siam Rath


Now was the time for Pattaya to get their teeth into this market and encourage weekenders every week to come to the beach and enjoy all the attractions that the resort has to offer. 


In another article in Siam Rath the director of the Pattaya TAT Joradech Apicarttrakun also stressed events but said that Pattaya must be ready for when foreign tourists are allowed back into the country.


Sources: 77kaoded | Siam Rath



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10 hours ago, GreasyFingers said:

I did not realize Pattaya had a cool season but looking at the way they are dressed on the beach I must be wrong.

Pretty cool this morning....22 Deg C, even the Mrs is having a cup of coffee.

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1 hour ago, colinneil said:

Lucky you 22 degrees, here in Issan this morning only 16 degrees, bloody freezing.

Lying on my bed with 2 blankets on me, on my second coffee already.

It was 16 degrees in Udon last night too. Unlike you, I'm only my first cup of tea.

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42 minutes ago, colinneil said:
50 minutes ago, faraday said:

Damn cold here too...16° !


Think I might have icicles me testicles....🥶

If i got icicles on mine i wouldnt feel them.:cheesy:😍🤔

I'm sure you could delegate someone to feel them for you.

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