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Job done Thai style: Singburi students modernize traditional squat toilet

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An ergonomic fail! There is a rural restaurant I frequent which has an adjacent separate toilet building.  On entering the space is about 5m x 3m of gloss tiled floor and walls containing nothing but a cheap seatless WC installed tight into one corner. To use it for Number 2 you would have to sit at 45 degrees unless you have the build of a matchstick!  

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6 minutes ago, Justgrazing said:

Where's the water gun thing for rinsing your undercarriage after bombs away anyway .. 

Why couldn't bogroll cross the road .? 

Because he feared getting stuck in a crack .. 

Water gun?

I think it's probably that bucket with the handle on, you'll need to scoop some water out and pour it down the pan as well as yer ar.se.


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I used to teach at a community college in Florida.  School started at 8:00 am but if I arrived after 7:30 am the toilet seats were all wet because male students had pi$$ed all over them.  Apparently nobody had taught them to lift the seat and they were too shy to use a urinal.


I mentioned this to the cleaner one day and she told me that it was even worse in the women's bathrooms.  The female students were apparently convinced they would catch some horrible disease if they sat on the toilet seat so they squatted on the seat, which resulted in even more pi$$ on the seat than in the men's toilet. 


Perhaps squat toilets would have been the right solution for both types of bathrooms.


I'm sure the Thai solution in the article is the best they could think of as a quick fix, and since it sort of works it will undoubtedly be the final fix since it would be too much trouble to redo this properly.

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6 hours ago, webfact said:

Job done Thai style: Singburi students modernize traditional squat toilet



Picture: Daily News


Daily News reported that Thai social media was abuzz with comment after a Facebook poster called Akadet Naveera posted a picture of a refurbished loo for girls at Singburi School in central Thailand. 


A new western style toilet had been placed over the old squat variety. 


Akadet said they didn't have higher education like a fancy degree but was this right??


Daily News spoke to school director Pramote Charoensalung who said that some girls were having a problem with sitting "yong-yong" (squatting) so a decision was made to redo the loos in the mid year break. 


The problem was that smashing out the old one would have damaged the ceramics and so to avoid this extra drain on the school budget it was decided just to put the new loo over the old one. 


Job done....so to speak!


Source: Daily News



-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2020-12-04


31 minutes ago, hotchilli said:

Drip dry for 5 minutes.

Big jobby well done but i dont see the ladder to get on board

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