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CCTV to catch motorcyclists without helmets to be launched in Chiang Mai on Dec 15th

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I don't know about Thai law, but back in my country, they need to identify the driver in order to press charges such as having a clear face pic. Simply identifying the registration is not sufficient. Can I then expect the cameras to be smarter than the police? 

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6 hours ago, yeahbutif said:

Perhaps the CCTV picks up face Recognition as well.........well it would need to.as no plates or.reg owners.

In and around the Village i live in most have no number plates at all !

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3 minutes ago, Russell17au said:

But remember that just before the democratic election that was held here, the Land Transport Department wanted to increase the fines for unlicensed riders and drivers and unregistered vehicles and the now democratically elected Prime Minister stopped it from happening because it would upset the people who were not licensed and were driving unregistered vehicles and he was afraid they would not vote for him

Or the time he said people could no longer sit in the rear open area of a pick-up truck, as it was not safe.

The next day he backed down.

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14 hours ago, rooster59 said:

Dr. Thiravuth Komutbutr, an expert attached to the Provincial Traffic Accident Prevention Planning Office, said today that there are about one million motorcycles in Chiang Mai, of which 600,000-700,000 are in Muang district.


I'd be surprised if any of them had number plates now....

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