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Bangkok: Taxi drivers to press PM to include them in "Half Each" project

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Bangkok: Taxi drivers to press PM to include them in "Half Each" project



Image: Daily News


The head of the Thai taxi drivers' association said yesterday that he plans to petition Thai PM Prayuth Chan-ocha to include his Bangkok members in the "Khon La Khreung" or pay half each project.


Withoon Naewphanich said he would be going with 50-60 drivers to meet the PM at Government House on Wednesday. 


He said that he likes the promotion and if taxis were included - and there are 80,000 registered in Bangkok - it would be good for the travelling public and drivers alike who are all suffering economic hardship due to the pandemic. 


He said that drivers who presently earn between 1000-1,200 baht a day (before expenses) could earn up to 500 baht more.


If they could earn 1,500 to 1,700 baht that would compare reasonably with their pre Covid earnings of 2,000 baht a day.


If successful in their petition he hoped that the scheme could be rolled out to other forms of public transport like tour buses, regular buses and minivans.


Source: Daily News



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3 hours ago, d1andonly said:

Sure. Let the brave Taxi drivers get a bit back from all the taxes they paid over the years. Not

There are plenty of entertainment workers in pattaya that fit that bill yet are included in the plan. it should be for all most basic needs for all Thais

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