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Soi Dog targets ‘hot spots’ as number of Phuket strays spirals

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It’s Ridiculous up here in Patts the dogs are So Overfed , people 20 x a day bringing food just breeding outta control and in packs at night and day , these morons think they are saving lives but just

Well done Soi Dog foundation.   Now if we just apply this CNVR programme to the country excess generals then everyone would feel a lot safer.

I have ... but my best friends are my dogs . They protect us from snakes and unwanted people .   Not all on this photo ...

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I couldn't imagine 70,000.  The beach resort i stayed at in 16' had a few unwelcome dogs.  The signs said not to feed them.  They wandered in the resort. By the pool. The eating  area, beach.  The owner wanted them gone but his hands were tied.   I say get rid of 99.99% and then say good job.   

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11 hours ago, rooster59 said:

in 2003, an estimated 70,000 stray dogs roamed the island. Today, the foundation estimates that number to be around 7,000, a reduction of 90%.

Another species headed for extinction in the wild because of man.


In the future if you want to see a Soi Dog they will only be in zoos.


I am going to contact PETA, see if he can do something.

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3 minutes ago, nobodysfriend said:

Soi dog does a good job to reduce the numbers of ( suffering ) soi dogs .

Instead of complaining about the dogs , help them financially to finish their job .


I would be happy to donate to an annual CULL!

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1 minute ago, PatOngo said:

There are TOO many mangy, mongrel ownerless dogs everywhere, plenty of people to feed them but no one to take responsibility for them! I'm not a hater, I look at practical solutions and a CULL seems practical to me, how many have you adopted and taken responsibility for  NF?


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