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Trying to figure out a way of using internet with only a modem without wifi...

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I signed up for Trues 499 a month package here.....



They gave me this modem/router it works fine......I use the internet 99% of the time with my desktop using a LAN connection.....And is the case with most of these boxes there is absolutely no way to turn off the wifi and keep using the LAN.....Only turning the box off kills the wifi......


I had the thought of buying a modem for this DSL? connection... and getting a computer shop to configure the new modem to to work with my current True internet connection......Then I can have internet without wifi.....


I have never done this before, So I was wondering if anyone on here who knew about computers could give a opinion on if you think this would work or not?.........Thanks a lot........











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There.  I've helped you to sleep already.

On the configuration page for my 3BB router, I can turn 2.4GHz and 5 GHz wifi on or off as I want/need. takes you to the page.

I sleep better without it,and I really dont want to have to be turning the box on and off all the time...

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3 minutes ago, userabcd said:

As already suggested just access the internal router settings and tick the boxes to turn off the 2.4 and 5 ghz wifi, save the settings and logout of the router.


The cable lan connection can still be used.



This sounds like a good solution.....But how would would someone ( like me) go about interfacing with the internal routers settings......I not sure at all how to do this.....Thanks

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3 minutes ago, Crossy said:

Did you get a manual with the router?


You'll need to go to (usually) with your browser, you should get a log on page. This is where the manual comes in because you'll need the logon details (sometimes it's on the router itself or on the box). Or Google the make and model of your router for the defaults.


Once inside you should find the WiFi configuration page where you can disable WiFi.


Alternatively give the True helpline a call, they may even be able to do it by remote control, if not the tech will do it in a moment.






Ok thanks I am looking at the manual now, I will be trying this out shortly I hope.....

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