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Electric Cable Size

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Bought some nice new cable from Do Home a few days ago, I was really surprised how small the 16mm copper was in comparison to the 16mm we have already.

So out with the Vernier calliper, new cable is 7 strands at an average 1.45mm diameter.


Area of a circle, Pi x Radius squared. 

3.142 x .5625 x 7 = 12.3mm sq


The 16mm cable we have from PEA meter to the house is also 16mm and that is 7 strands at an average of 1.65mm diameter

3142 x .6806 x 7 = 14.96mm sq, still not 16mm but a lot better than 12.3mm.


Is my maths right or did I had to much looppy juice last night.




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First cable 7 x 1.45mm diameter strands.

Area per strand = pi * (1.45/2)= 1.65 * 7 = 11.55mm2


Second cable 7 x 1.65mm diameter strands.

Area per strand = pi * (1.65/2)2 = 2.14 * 7 = 14.96mm2


Sizes are "nominal" so there's always some tolerance of course.


I've had Thai Union cable that looks well under-size so I just don't buy it any more.


In reality it's not going to be an issue unless you are running very close to the wind on current and volt drop but it's not right of course.


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