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how many days before visa expires should i do retirement extension?

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30 days before or even 45 days at some offices.

Those reports were for the 60 day covid 19 extensions not normal one year extensions and etc.

Unless that has changed very recently, I have to disagree with you.  I went to CW just a little over a month ago as I had an O-A Visa which was stamped valid until November 20, 2020, as I arrived on t

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Anyone using income should consider going a few weeks early as I would worry a statement from the bank showing 12 months of deposits might be asked for. 

Even with money on deposit, the requirement is they need to look back 12 months now. 

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12 hours ago, Lacessit said:

I'd recommend doing it about two weeks prior, in case there are any glitches. Has worked for me in my last two extensions.


Agreed. Gives you time in case there are any issues.


12 hours ago, Fat George said:

A word of warning. Chaeng Wattana immigration are currently issuing extensions that begin on the day you  arrive there. Not the day the previous extension ends. There is another thread on this topic. 


Not in my recent experience. Nor do I recall any posts mentioning this here or on various FB groups.


I went ~ 17 days prior to my then current permission to stay date, which was perserved. 



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30 minutes ago, tonray said:

In addition, a concern for those extending OA visa permissions, is you need to time the insurance coverage as many offices want the coverage to be in effect the date you apply. Going early will cut off some of your potential year permission granted. 

In my case I had an overlapping policy with my current policy ending the day my stamped in date was to end with the next year starting on that same date, albeit at 4:30 pm.  This was a minor issue as they had to confirm both of the certificates I had in my hand along with what PCH had put in the database which showed both policies, once confirmed it was no issue and they as I indicated in a previous post put the extension into my passport for the entire year until the date of the new years policy ending.  If you already have a policy for your current year it should not be a problem, but if you are just now obtaining the HI policy for the first time, I agree with Tonray.  Please ensure the policy start and end dates and try and get the insurance company to ensure it is in the system, as a few people have had some issues with the HI Company not getting it into the database.

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