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For recent CW retirement extensions, 'permitted to stay' dates are changing based on application dates?

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This is a question about one-year, Non-O retirement extensions at Chaeng Wattana.


There are some posts discussing the issue of 'permitted to stay until dates' for recent extensions being tied to the date of the application; i.e., permission to stay one-year from the date of the extension being made, rather than the time-honored practice of the new extension's 'permitted stay until date' being set one-year from the previous one. Under the time-honored practice  an applicant would not lose any days on the new extension, it's always been the case in my experience.


Would folks who have gotten a one-year retirement extension at CW in the past couple weeks share their experience?  Are the 'permitted to stay until' dates changing? If applying for an extension, say 30 days early, results in one's long-held permmitted to stay until date being moved up by 30 days, that would be something to be avoided. 


I have always had the same permitted to stay until date, and would prefer to keep it, that makes things easy. But if things have changed at CW then it makes sense to apply only a few days before the current extension expires.


So trying to clarify, confirm, what's happening there at CW's retirement extension counters?




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  • rwilem changed the title to For recent CW retirement extensions, 'permitted to stay' dates are changing based on application dates?

The reports of them starting extensions form the date of application have only been for the 60 day covid 19 extension.

Normal one year extensions are being issued from the day your current extension expires.

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Saw some weird changes, documented here in first-hand posts, back Aug, Sep I think. People getting extra days/weeks added on to their current/previous stay date.


My ext stay/ret-inc at CW in September 2020 was done ~ 17 days prior to my then current permission to stay date, which was preserved. So I continue with the same month/day this year as in the past 8 years.


Haven't seen anything about pulling in the annual date.









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