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Corporate bank account with debit card and scheduled/recurring payments

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I’m searching for a bank that offers the following two things for a corporate account:


1. Debit/ATM card for one of the accounts (to give to an employee as petty cash).

2. Ability to setup recurring payments (like monthly payments to contractors, employees, etc.)


Crazy as it may sound, I have still not found a Thai bank that will do the first for a corporate account. They want us to use cheques with multiple signatories, but I really don’t want to sign a cheque each time the petty cash has run dry (especially as I may not be in Thailand).


For the second one, I have found banks that offer “bulk payments”, but they can only be setup 30 days in advance by uploading a record of the transfers to make. This is better than manually doing all the payments individually, but we still have to spend time on this every single month for expenses that are always the same.

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