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Koh Samui: Belgian businessman claims he lost 100 million baht in DSI bribery case

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4 hours ago, colinneil said:

Ha ha ha, a committee will be established, joke of the day.

After the committee has met, the matter will just be put down as a misunderstanding.🤭

Probably not if some brown envelopes containing serious cash will be handed over, either by the Belgian business man or the guys that ripped him off. Whoever is willing to pay the most will come out ahead, would be my guess.

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4 hours ago, Ventenio said:

anyhow, this guy is rich and i'm not going to worry too much about it.


When they run out of 'the rich' to scam they won't stop there, they will work their way down until they have it all.


Somewhere on that list is you so reign in the hubris.

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3 hours ago, robblok said:

Sounds a lot like he wanted to pay a bribe maybe paid it but the service for the bribe was not delivered. Now he wants the money back. I am sure that bribing is a crime too. Hope they punish the DSI who took the bribe and if he really did try to bribe them punish him too. 


Seems like he was ok with paying a bribe only when it did not work did he get angry. But the fine and punishment for bribing is probably less then what he paid in bribe. So that might be his angle. 

throw in a dose of misunderstanding bruised ego and a farang who feels treated injust bc he didnt receive the VIP treatment and we get a better picture what went on...

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