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Who Lives in Buriram?

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Hello Folks,


Just curious if any of you reside in Buriram either with a Thai missus or otherwise.  My wife and I have heard great things about the province and were keen to check it out next time we arrived in Thailand.


Any areas in particular that are good residential zones?  We are primarily interested in buying some land (~2 Rai) for a future home build, considering a few different provinces at the moment and thought I'd ask what you all thought about Buriram.


Thanks for the feedback guys, Happy Holidays.

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I spent my last 3 years in Buriram. It wasn't my original plan but I'm stuck here due to some private matters. I can tell you that it is dead boring, hardly anyone speak English, the province is not b

Yes, bar girls, dear me, it's a good job that here in Pattaya we all marry Thai investment bankers and astrophysicists, lol.

My relationship with Buriram goes back about 15 years as my wife is from there. Go there regularly although not so much the last few years.    Important to differentiate between the town and

18 minutes ago, Ireland32 said:

I spent three years in Korat , I will never get that back Waste of  of a town as a matter fact all of Isaan is a Bore , There is a Decent Restaurant The Swan in Buriram , Fantastic , I eat there and run out of town with takeaways , 80% of girls in Pattyare from Buriram most speak Khmer tooo, always use the 2 Hour rule away from her parents, I did 5 hours , don’t need that Drama , get a Firestick  or Android Box to keep your mind occupied 

Heard about the Swan. Might try it soon

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Hot and dusty, not unlike neighboring Cambodia. Slightly less boring than other Isaan provinces, thanks to having a race track and Thailand's finest soccer team. Generally friendly, laid back countryside people.


Personally, I wouldn't want to live there, but I've enjoyed my short visits.




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