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User Account - Password Protected - When did that happen?

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So when shutting down I accidently hit the "Log Off" button and got presented with a screen that required a password to open :w00t:


I have never set a password on my computer so have no Idea where this might have come from. Luckily a soft reset got me back to the normal Welcome screen.


Have tried the various ways of getting rid of the password restriction but can't change the password to "None" without entering the current password which I don't have as there isn't one :sad:


Would like to resolve this issue in case I accidently lock myself out permanently next time :sad:





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19 hours ago, 2530Ubon said:

press enter on the log in screen, the computer will show no password and sign you in

Yea! got that but still leaves a lurking password request in the system. :sad:


I'd like to get back to the default no password state.  

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6 hours ago, CorpusChristie said:

Have you recently installed Windows 10 ?

They require a password , the previous editions didnt 

Have had Windows 10 for long time almost since it first appeared. As far as I recall you could set a password on all previous versions of Windows going way back to the beginning.


I never bothered with setting a password on any of them, that's why I'm confused why this would be happening now.  :blink:






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29 minutes ago, Solinvictus said:

Quite unhelpful this comment is but you could change your password to 'incorrect.' So, the computer will remind you, "The password is incorrect."

As you say quite unhelpful as I don't know what the Phantom Password is and if I did know what it was I just want to exterminate it from my system :post-4641-1156693976:

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The password request is a security feature in itself, anyone else trying to access would assume one is needed, whereas you of course know one isnt, and just press enter.


Just a thought.



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