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China to suspend UK flights indefinitely -foreign ministry

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23 hours ago, smedly said:

I am never one for conspiracies - but 


I very strongly believe the whole world was attacked 



we enabled them - we gave them access to technology they would never have had 


why ?


because of greed and money


(big tech) the west decided it was a good idea to engage China for production of hi tech electronics


That has monumentally backfired but there is so much money involved that it will not change 


D Trump was eating his way into it and look what happened  

I agree that the west has been largely greedy and naive.

As for Trump lol , he didn't seem to mind doing personal business with China you might have noticed.

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On 12/24/2020 at 12:07 PM, pseudorabies said:

But the UK just wants to return an item that was sent to them by mistake....

yes. it was a copy of a russian brand apparently. 

oooops.... delete delete delete.....

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china has no rights..china should be paying us not to go to china 


boycotte china!!!


i am accepting  no chinese customers for my busienss  neither will i sell to Chinese 

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