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UK and EU reach Brexit trade deal

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1 minute ago, Laughing Gravy said:

I see you are now replying to my posts. Still didn't get an apology.


Anyway the UK has left the EU. It seems there has been a compromise.


So you and the other EU lovers will be happy.


I feel there are difficult times ahead for the EU.

I explained you why I didn't found a reason to apologize. You didn't react, so I thought all was good and well, that you understood. 


As mentioned, not really happy or unhappy to the fact there is a compromise, we had to accept any outcome. 


There may be difficult times for the E.U. ahead indeed, we will have to wait & see in what measure. 


On the other hand I don't think everything will going on without a hitch in the U. K. either. 


But the best is for us all to be moderate optimistic, that the E.U. and the U.K. will doing rather well in the future. 

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1 hour ago, CG1 Blue said:

Did you run out of money for your electricity meter before you reached the end of that article?

I did but on this forum no more than three short quotes are allowed. 


So based on what is on the rest of the article I think we understand that there might be judicial cooperation again in an hypothetical future. 


What I understand is the EU could not give that because the rule of law garanties in the UK are substandard compared to the EU law. 


In remember the behavior of the UK has been questionable so this is another reason to put the UK on probation. 




There is more with the "five eyes" and US access to data of European citizens that would not hold in a court of law, I believe. 



Now the conclusion is clear: Expect more negotiations in the near future, because this is really a serious issue. 


What do you think? 

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1 hour ago, vinny41 said:

Barry Deas wanted

Control over access to fish within the EEZ

Access negotiated as part of annual fisheries agreements

12-mile exclusive limit

Quota shares that reflect the resources in UK waters

Access to market without surrendering fishing rights



So he wanted access to eu markets  without surrendering fishing rights

That was never going to happen 

We agree here! 


Now what I seek is what exactly the UK did get in return for these quotas. 


I understand that the EU would not have signed without them, but I though this 75%, which is a big concession would be traded against something big. I read Barnier offered access to the European energy market (which is really huge, access to gas at reduced prices induce enormous savings). And now I discover the UK did not get that. This should be a disappointment. 


Hence my question, what did the UK get in return? Relaxed rules of origin to export electric cars in the European Union? Or just nothing? 


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17 minutes ago, Hi from France said:

what did the UK get in return?

I don't expect a clear, comprehensive for everyone, list of what the E.U. and U.K. agreed.

If such a thing even exist.

But instead, vague, multi interpretable components, where both parties can claim, they not give in, even are the great winner.

It is usually the way, and usually the base swallow it.

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28 minutes ago, Hi from France said:

Ok but still look at the UE summary p2

Cliquez sur l'image pour la voir en taille réelle  Nom : 72DDD836-4FDB-4BD1-B3AA-A0E967D25AA5.jpg Taille : 750x1013 Poids : 432,8 Ko ID : 665615


there are things missing, maybe we should look a this ?





I see the EU had grand plans to double the budget of their Erasmus program  from 14.7 billion euros to 30 billion wonder the EU was keen that the UK  to retain Erasmus membership.

As everyone knows the EU never reduces its budget or scales back it grandeur plans even when they lose a major player  so I guess the remaining 27 members will have to pick up the extra cost


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