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Hilltribe man 40 marries Thai woman aged 70 - age is no obstacle!

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Hilltribe man 40 marries Thai woman aged 70 - age is no obstacle!



Thai caption: Age is just a number!


Sanook reported on the joyous occasion of the marriage of a 40 year old Lahu hill tribesman to a 70 year old woman at her house in Doi Saket, Chiang Mai on Monday. 


Jahae Lobu and Rapheeporn Chaifang tied the knot.


Jahae said he met his beloved at a Christian church recently and it was love at first sight. Age is no obstacle, he said, saying that he and his bride understand each other.


He revealed that many years ago his girlfriend dumped him and he has not fallen for anyone since - until now. 


Bride Rapheeporn said that God sent Jahae to her and the attraction was instant. She said she pitied Jahae for his past failed relationship and said that he had promised to always look after her. 


Lots of relatives, friends and well wishers turned up to give their blessings to the happy couple, said Sanook.


Source: Sanook



-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2020-12-30
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Very cool. I think age difference in a marriage is a very personal thing. For me, I was married to a woman who was older than me, ages ago. Since then, only younger women for me. I prefer the flexibility, open mindedness, and youthful vigor. Not to mention the beauty. And I do not have much of a desire to be around someone who leads a life of convention, lives in a very small box, is too set in her ways, and is very conservative in life choices. I find that description fits alot of Thai women over 40-45. So, younger works for me, but to each his own, right?

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